Showbox App

  Showbox’s Uploader APP IOS Application made for uploading videos and photos into Showbox’s video creation system. The App contains an onboarding animation and a minimalistic system that uses the IOS native camera and file picker.

Showbox Website

Showbox Website During my time at Showbox, the company changed its approach and target audiences.The company became more of an B2B so a redesign was needed.The main challenge was to find a balance between the brand’s existing edgy style and a new style which is a but more marketeers orianted. Your browser does not support the video […]

People and Settlements

Your browser does not support the video tag. People and Settlements Application Design for a geography high school booklet.This application offers the students three different studying methods. The apps is reassmbling the information on three routes which the student can explore during the reading.


12.30 Fanzine abouy texi drives. The fanzine absurbs converstions and feelings on the roads. 12.30 contains 14 different amazying transcribed conversations, illustrations and photos.Created in cabiration with Tom Engler.

The Alter – Hamizbeah

The Alter – Hamizbeah A fictional web magazine about bereavement of wars in the israeli independent theatre. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Beit Mazia

Branding of Biet Mazia Beit Mazia of culture is a Unique space and a home of three different fringe theatre groups at Jerusalem. Your browser does not support the video tag.