Small talks:
team stories

During my tenure at Sundaysky, I was fortunate to be a part of the team that initiated the Small Talk video series  – a collection of captivating animated shorts that showcase the remarkable stories of the people who make Sundaysky an extraordinary workplace.
We compiled tales of outstanding employees who have contributed to the company’s success and growth. Being a part of this project was truly inspiring, and it reinforced the idea that Sundaysky is not just a company, but a community of exceptional individuals.

I feel privileged to have collaborated with an extraordinary team, consisting of Anat Costi, Dana Levi, Liran Hadaya, Lee David, and Boaz Bachrach.




Illustration, Storyboard, Classic animation





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Zoe Levanon Story

I was especially involved in the creation of Zoe’s story – A tale of one of the first workers in Sundaysky. She recounted how she organized a basketball tournament to unite the team members from different departments.

From Storyboard to style frames

My role as a designer was crafting the Illustrated language, designing the storyboard, and integrating metaphors to bring Zoe’s story to life. Working on this project was a truly fulfilling experience that allowed me to showcase my creativity and passion for storytelling. 

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