Ssky Onboarding videos

As a creative director and team leader, I had the opportunity to set up the creative for the video onboarding experience of Sundaysky’s platform – an online video builder that allows for the quick and easy production of high-quality videos.


Creative Team leader


Art Direction, Instructional, Content





I have always been drawn towards instructional design, and as the creative director and team lead of the professional services team that worked with the platform, I found an opportunity to establish a team that focuses on creating videos that share our best practices, work methods, and in-depth tutorials on our features. This was my biggest professional challenge thus far – combining all the things I enjoy the most: creativity, learning, and technology while leading something from scratch.

Special thanks to the team:
Timor Barshtman, Tal Porat, Oz Yerushalmi, Shahar Ben-sira, Steve Gunn, Isabella Esser-Munera, Juan Ley, Dana Levy, Hadas Feldman, and many more.

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Two video examples

Introduction to scenes

Play Video

How to pick a theme

Play Video

Showcasing UI

Video Filming and Production

Grahphic concept

Creating Explanatory kit


Working with footage

Some More Cool Projects